Watch this guy land his skis on a Slip ’N Slide

There’s so much awesome in this GoPro clip that we barely know how to start.
By Josh Sampiero

There's no question the very act of wingsuiting or speedriding is a little bit crazy. But it's high stakes. 

That's why it's so cool to see it combined with this little bit of childhood fun: tasked with finding a suitable landing for skis in the middle of summer, these guys went with a good old-fashioned lawn game, affectionately known as a Slip ’N Slide in America. Watch, and laugh. 

No word on whether or not he used dishwashing liquid. 

But here’s the real story…


Now, if you know your stuff when it comes to sky-flying stunts, you'll realise the most impressive thing here isn't the landing, but the in-air formation where the wingsuiters slow down and the speedriders speed up for a hand-holding session of brotherly love up in the skies.

How much fun are they having? The hoots and hollers should be a good indication. This is the first formation XRW with a double-hand-hold, from a BASE jump departure – low altitude and a short timeframe made this a big challenge. 

Five fliers base jump off Le Brévent near Chamonix
Paragliders and wingsuit fliers base jump © Stéphane Gautier

The first time wingsuiters and speedriders have pulled off this double handhold move almost didn't happen – the pilots scored the last jump off Le Brévent, near Chamonix, France, before the resort shut off access to the launch point. 

"It's incredibly difficult to get the timing right, and in a BASE jump situation (as opposed to a skydive from a plane) there's precious few seconds to get everything lined up," says the speed rider, Arnaud Longobardi "There's just 100m of take off, 15 seconds to join in the air, 20 seconds to hold hands, and 10 seconds to separate and open the parachute!"

How fast were they going? There's a reason they call it 'speed riding'. "We all flew at about 120kph," said Longobardi. "We realised during training that the wingsuits stall at 80kph, at 100kmh they can fly straight, and at 120km they can bank about five degrees right or left." And five degrees was all that was all the needed for a mid-air love-in. 

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