These Are 10 of Our Best Climbing Videos Ever

If you don't have sweaty palms after you watch these videos, go see your doctor — or start climbing.
Chris Sharma makes the first ascent of El Bon Combat near Barcelona, Spain, one of the hardest routes on earth
Chris Sharma ascends El Bon Combat © Ricardo Giancola
By Inna Gadda

Climbing is one of the most physically and mentally demanding disciplines on Earth — it's not for everyone. Climbers have to be extraordinarily fit and have no fear of heights. Think you have what it takes? Check out the 10 climbing videos below to see how the best climbers do it.

 1. Chris Sharma climbs a Redwood tree

We know — you've climbed tons of trees and even built tree forts. But we guarantee you've never done anything like this. Chris Sharma, sport climber extraordinaire, ascends a giant Redwood tree in California. Now that takes grip. 

2. Our dynos compilation

Here's another fan favorite — the best climbing dynos we've ever seen. What's a dyno? It's when the climber loses contact with the wall on the way from one hold to the next — and it can mean some big falls.

3. Sasha DiGiulian's first female ascent in Sardinia

Sasha DiGiulian may be young — she just finished her degree at Columbia University — but she has years of experience on the wall. Enough to take her up some of the hardest routes in the world for a first female ascent. 

4. Alex Megos climbs Lucid Dreaming


It was his hardest and his longest project to date. It took German climber Alex Megos 11 days in 2015 to ascend Lucid Dreaming (8C/V15) on the Grandpa Peabody boulder at Buttermilks in California.

5. David Lama explores a sinkhole in Lebanon

David Lama has conquered some of the world's most challenging climbs. He's also found some of the world's most unique, like this spot in Lebanon. Yeah, it's in a sinkhole — how cool is that? 

6. David Lama and Conrad Anker climb Lunag Ri in Himalaya

There's not many unclimbed peaks left in the world, but David Lama and friends managed to find one on the Tibetan-Nepalese border. Will they climb it? Maybe one day.

7. Chris Sharma takes on El Bon Combat

Chris Sharma has some gnarly climbs to his name, but this one put up a fight. El Bon Combat is rated 9A, making it one of the toughest climbs in the world. Sharma made the first ascent with a lot of effort.

8. Stefan Glowacz climbs a big cave chamber in Oman

Sharma's had a lot of adventures. Here's another: climbing out of one of the world's biggest cave chambers in Oman. The project with Stefan Glowacz was an epic one that almost had a bad finish — watch the video to see why.

9. Our deep water solo compilation

Listen, climbing hard makes you sweat. So let's take a dip. Here's our best deep water solo clips. Enjoy!

10. Domen Škofic climbs the Solkan Bridge in Slovenia

Climbing to the top of the arch on the Solkan Bridge, 118 feet above the Soča River. That's what Domen Škofic accomplished in 2014.

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