Urbex Doc Captures Thrill of Modern Exploration

​Watch urban explorers risk their lives to gain access to the most forbidden places on Earth.
By Corinna Halloran

Prepare to pick your jaw up off the floor with Urbex, the new Red Bull TV documentary series premiering on August 1.

Urbex defines what it means to be a modern explorer, as Urbexers scale some of the world’s tallest buildings in some of the most insane locations, all the while dodging security guards — for the purpose of fulfilling their own lives.

"It’s always been about fighting your fears. I’m constantly trying to push myself and I’m always trying to see how far can I go."

Parkour professional and Urbexer, Abudi Alsagoff

Told through the eyes and voices of the international array of explorers themselves, Urbex brings all of the action into your lap with an all-access pass. The story is raw, the voices are real, and the vertigo is completely legit.

Though many would believe these urban explorers are daredevils with a death wish and a wanton desire to break the law, the reality is far from that.

The reality is, Urbexers are simply explorers. Did we say Marco Polo had a death wish? No, we celebrated his curiosity, and in reality he brought a stronger understanding of the world.

"Exploring the world is the most important thing you can do, and the whole point of what I do is to get to places people aren’t allowed to go. I don’t know if I will succeed or not, but I will never stop trying."

Russian Urban Explorer, Oleg Cricket

Coupled with extreme action, a beautiful first-person perspective and heartfelt personal stories, Urbex brings you another understanding of why people are driven to explore — a drive that proves to be borderless.

Check out all of the heart pumping action of Urbex here when the series premieres on August 1.

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