Don't Watch This Slackliner Attempt a World Record

Alex Schulz's traverse between two peaks and over a village will amaze — and maybe nauseate — you.
Between the peaks, Schulz hangs on.
By Steve Root

If you have an issue with heights, and fear of falling is a thing for you, and even simply watching someone else take those risks makes your heart race and your palms sweat, have we got a show not for you.

Seriously. Do not watch “Ultimate Rush: Mind On Wire, because it’s gonna mess you up good.

Let us explain: Alex Schulz is a championship slackliner, holding world records for longline on the ground (610 meters) and over water (327 meters). In this episode of Red Bull TV's adrenaline-pumping series "Ultimate Rush," Schulz is aiming for the highline distance record. And by distance, we mean 375 meters. That’s more than four football fields — on a strip of webbing about an inch wide.

He’s attempting this in Yangshuo, China, where between two sheer pillars, he has slung that line several hundred meters in the air (the height varies due to the slack in the line), traversing an entire village.

Schulz teeters over a Chinese village

The rigging of the line, which takes several days and several people to complete and involves endless hacking through dense jungle and scaling 100-foot vertical walls, is harrowing enough. But then Schulz has to attempt the actual traverse. Given the wind gusts and the rain and the horizontal line sway and the vertical bounce and … well, we’re not going to say any more.

Just don't watch it. Or any other episodes in the “Ultimate Rush” series, for that matter. We’re not responsible for your cold sweats, heebie jeebies or whatever else might happen if you do.

You have been warned.

Don't believe us? Go ahead ...

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