Climber Defies Law of Gravity for Historic Ascent

Watch Alex Megos make history as he climbs the rarely conquered Hubble.
By Corinna Halloran

Alex Megos has a climbing skill set unlike any other climber. Regardless of the climb's degree of difficulty, he appears to scale vertical rock faces with such ease it's mystifying. So when the German rock specialist went to the UK to film the third episode of his show, The Alex Megos Formula, it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that he made one of the world's hardest climbs, Hubble, look beyond easy. Watch the video in the player above.

A young man climbs challenging rocks
Alex Megos climbing at Raven Tor © Frank Kretschmann / Red Bull Content Pool
A climber in a yellow shirt climbs a challenging rock
Alex Megos climbs one of world's hardest routes © Frank Kretschmann / Red Bull Content Pool

Hubble is not just an 8c+ climbing route, it's also a mythical legend in the Peak District of England. "Hubble isn't just a route," says Megos. "Hubble is the myth Hubble. It only has five repeats so far and of course that alone lets you stand in awe of its story."

Yes, you read correctly. The climb has had only five repeats in the 26 years it's been around. Ben Moon and Jerry Moffat, who are based nearby, first conquered it. To train for the climb and perfect the art of defying gravity even further, Megos met up with Ben and Jerry at legendary climbing gym, The Foundry, in Sheffield, Yorkshire.

An older gentleman and a younger man talk about climbing
Alex Megos and Jerry Moffat discuss climbing © Frank Kretschmann / Red Bull Content Pool
A young shirtless man poses for portait
Alex Megos at the Foundry © Frank Kretschmann / Red Bull Content Pool

Like with most sensei and student relationships, Megos is in awe of Ben and Jerry. But he's also in awe of the incredible myth that is Hubble. "Of course you're in awe when you're standing in front of a route like that, even though you know you can climb 8c+," said Megos.
"It's something special, so you have respect for that and you stand in awe of the story, of history." 

So as Megos defies gravity — yet again. His flawless climb of Hubble teaches us about the respect for the route, his respect for his elders and his respect for the laws of physics.

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