See Our 10 Most Epic Adventure Videos of All Time

From cliff diving in Asia to desert kayaking, you won't want to miss watching these stunning videos.
By Corinna Halloran

We live for capturing the most thrilling, gut-wrenching moments here at Red Bull Adventure — and we hope you enjoy watching epic footage just as much as we enjoy making it. Here's our collection of the 10 most popular adventure videos of all time. Watch all 10 videos below.

10. Cliff search in Indonesia


With a mix of beautiful scenery, cool slow-mo shots including epic flips and tricks, it should be no surprise that this video made it into the list of our top 10 adventure videos.

9. Zipline the world's tallest residential building

What happens when you put a zipline on top of the world's tallest residential building? With GoPros stuck firmly on their helmets to bring you all the coolest action, these two athletes headed out for a ride of a lifetime.

 8. 60 seconds to make you feel like falling

Have a fear of free-falling but enjoy an adrenaline rush nonetheless? No problem — just grab a Red Bull, sit back and watch this video, you'll definitely feel like you're free-falling for 60 seconds.

 7. 60 seconds to make you feel frozen

Donning GoPros and lugging 100 pounds of frozen climbing gear, these two adventure soul mates trekked deep into Switzerland's waterfalls and canyons to make an epic video for you.

 6. Go crazy with the world's biggest hammock

If you could sum up an ideal time with your best friends in one video, this would be it. The music is cool, the location is great and the friendship vibe is as tight as the slacklines themselves.

5. Kayaking the desert

With enough hoops and hollers to last a lifetime, there's a reason why this one is our personal favorite. Plus, it's two of the most unlikely sports coming together in one of the most unlikely places for one hell of an epic time.

 4. World record 1,000-yard slackline set

What happens when two guys set up a 1,000-yard slackline in the middle of France, smashing the previous slackline distance record? Millions of views from around the world by people who can't believe they actually did that.

3. Orlando Duque cliff dives Victoria Falls

Impressive athlete: ✔️
98-foot cliff dive: ✔️
Deadly alligators: ✔️
Thundering waterfall: ✔️

What else do you want from a Red Bull Adventure video?

2. Stig Pryds freedives in Dean's Blue Hole

There is something absolutely fascinating about freediving. Maybe it's the calm and quiet of the ocean depth that makes it intriguing. Maybe it's because the experience goes back to the old "how long can you hold your breath underwater" challenge that we've all done as a kid. Whatever it is, it works.

1. Laso Schaller's insane 193-foot cliff jump

Just in case you didn't already have total respect for Laso Schaller, he jumps off a 193-foot-high cliff and walks away from the experience. He is just so damn cool and this top video of all time proves it.

Watch the 24-minute documentary on Red Bull TV!

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