Quiz: What kind of adventure should you go for?

Scratching your head for something to do this weekend? You won’t be after taking this quiz.
By Pip Stewart

From amazing wild swimming (or skinny-dipping) spots to trail runs and climbing challenges, you'll sure find something that takes your fancy for the weekend.

Your ideal adventure revealed...

Take our quiz above to find out the best activity for you this weekend and our stories below will point you in the right direction.

1. Wild swimming

To Sua ocean trench in Upolu, Samoa, South Pacific, Pacific
Wild swimming in Samoa © Michael Runkel/Getty Images

Wild swimming certainly beats the local pool. Check out these special spots:

2. Running


Man trail running during a Red Bull event
Go for a run and clear out the cobwebs. © Craig Kolesky
Red Bull athlete taking a break while climbing a high rock wall above water
Scale great heights this weekend © Cameron Maier

With or without rope, indoors or outdoors, you'll want to check out the following for a little bit of inspiration:

4. Kiting


kitesurfer Airton Cozzolino goes upside down on his strapless kitesurf board
Head to the coast this weekend © Red Bull Content Pool
Camping view in Southern Oregon
Southern Oregon views © Travis Burke

Whether you're wild camping or finding an established campsite, few things in life beat toasting marshmallows with mates around a campfire…

6. Cycling


Mountain biker attacking a steep descent
Hurtle down a hill - or just cycle to the shops © Red Bull Content Pool

Whether you're pottering around town on your bike, nailing the trails or going bikepacking, there's a cycling adventure for everyone…


Still can’t decide? Just do like Rafa Ortiz and go for four sports in one day!


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