Afraid of heights? You’ll still want to watch this

The explorers from Urbex bring you the coolest GoPro views from the world’s tallest buildings
By Corinna Halloran

We hope you're not afraid of heights, but if you are, you're going to want to sit down for this one. We all know Urbexers are known for climbing to unreal heights and having unobstructed views of some of the world's grandest cities, but they also do something special –deliver the audience the same unique view using GoPros.

From Red Bull TV's Urbex documentary, Max Ross and Zack Burke bring you the most incredible look down moments from their urban exploration of Toronto, Canada.

With GoPro (and selfie stick) in hand, Ross and Burke bring you an incredible perspective right into your lap – a vantage you might only otherwise see if you put a camera on a bird. Whether it's placing a skateboard over the void or climbing to the very top of a skyscraper, it's pretty obvious this duo knows how to push the limits.

Across the Urbex board, all of the explorers give you such incedible action that it could easily convince you that they have no fear of the ledge. They're not daredevils with a death wish, though. Simply, they're searching for a unique perspective of the world. And, after you watch this GoPro video, it's easy to say urban explorers achieve that.

Want to see more spectacular footage of exploring the urban world? Check out Red Bull TV's series Urbex here and learn more about Urbexers like Oleg Cricket.

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