Meet the guys who want to kayak over Niagara Falls

It goes without saying that Rafa Ortiz, Evan Garcia and Rush Sturges are the bravest of the brave.
By Corinna Halloran

What happens when you're Rafa Ortiz and your best friends are all professional kayakers? You go after the one of the world's biggest waterfalls and make a film about it, that's what.

"I'm more afraid about this than anything else I've done in my life," the Mexican said of Red Bull TV's film Chasing Niagara. "Running Niagara Falls – it's the dream of not just any kayaker, but it's really the next step, the frontier, for waterfall descent and white water kayaking."

Ortiz has spent the last two years setting out to make his most incredible expeditions to date – to run the world-famous Niagara Falls.

Yes, that really, really large waterfall that sees more than four million cubic feet of water fall over the crest line every minute. And, yes, the same one that people have infamously thrown themselves over in barrels for over 100 years – and a turtle named Sonny, which went over in 1930.

Despite the Niagara Falls run being one of the most iconic, it has been relatively quiet in recent decades. However, Ortiz and his buddies set off to change that and do the near impossible by running over Niagara Falls in their kayaks.

And, as all good adventure stories are, it's not just about the destination, but also the journey. For the Chasing Niagara team this was ever the case. Furthermore, even though Ortiz might be the star of the film, he's certainly not the only kayaker turning heads. After all, when you have the swagger of Evan Garcia and the level headedness of Rush Sturges on your team, you can bet that the whole team is going to turn heads – especially when they're charging over massive walls of water.

Enjoy Evan Garcia’s mad style

If it's not the country twang then it will certainly be Evan Garcia's swagger that will make you swoon. Oh, and his incredibly sick moves on a kayak. Was that a flip in a kayak you saw? Yes, it was.

"I like to kayak every day, but I also like to bring as much as style and my own unique character into the sport," Garcia says. "I really like to style and successfully run everything that I step up do."

Find out why Rush Sturges is a cool-headed badass

With a name like Rush, it's a no brainer that Sturges does epic things, like run massive waterfalls. However, despite the name he has a cautionary edge, too.

"Because it's so massive, and it's Niagara Falls, that's what makes this project the most daunting and haunting project I've ever been apart of," Sturges said. "I'll never stop paddling, it's truly what I love to do and is just the most exhilarating and the greatest feeling in the world. I think in the end Niagara Falls will just make us stronger and really more appreciative of what we have."

So, with an epic team assembled, all that's left is to run Niagara Falls... and train, work out logistics, avoid the cops, and convince themselves that they've 'got this'.

Want to see the whole Chasing Niagara film? Check the release dates below.

US and Canada: Limited Theatrical Release, mid-July
Germany, Austria and Switzerland:
August 25 
Global home entertainment release (except countries with theatrical release):
July 1
Red Bull TV: December 25

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