Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s the Soul Flyers!

Fact: we have friends in high places. This is the best of the Soul Flyers.
By Corinna Halloran

What's that age old saying? Friends that fly together, stay together? Or is that just in the case of our favourite wingsuit flyers, The Soul Flyers.

From the evening sky to Dubai, from France to the Czech Republic The Soul Flyers (aka Vincent Reffet and Fred Fugen) are known for pushing the boundries of flight. Oh, and bringing you some of the coolest flying content from the skies straight to your lap.

But just which are their coolest videos? Look no further, we've dived deep into our extensive Adventure vault and pulled out the eight finest videos from the Soul Flyers.

The’ve proved that altitude is no match for them

"This is not your average skydive," Ted Atkins explained. You mean, jumping from 10,000m in the middle of the treacherous French Alps is not normal? Phew! That said, leave it to the Soul Flyers to make this look easy.

Who needs sunlight anyway?

Now BASE jumping is not necessarily 'new' but when the Soul Flyers made this video (way back in 2013), BASE jumping with a wing suit was very new. Even more so BASE jumping at night with LED-lit suits.

"The idea was to put LED lights inside our suits so they'd shine from the inside. It gave a nice effect below and allowed us to follow each other. We were a bit like UFOs, it was really strange lights," they explain.

Big mountains, little Flyers

If you've spent some time next to the mountains, you'll have realised how tiny they can make you feel. If you haven't experienced this feeling, watch the above clip now and you'll have a total 'ahh-ha' moment. Needless to say, it's pretty majestic.

To the wind tunnel!

What happens when you ramp up the wind speed to 226kph? Some epic Soul Flyer mid-air dancing, that's what. It's like syncronised swimming but in a wind tunnel and with less sparkle.

1… 2… Texas!

We're not entirely sure why they shout "Texas" before taking off, but hey, we're not one to question what the Soul Flyers do. For this epic BASE jump, the guys have a bit of a laugh whilst simultaneoulsy jumping from the 414m-high Princess Tower in Dubai. As you do boys, as you do.

At 0:27 seconds in your heart rate will skyrocket

Here, the Soul Flyers calmly and willingly throw themselves over the edge of a cliff in Norway. Then, they proceed to fall for 1000m. Because, to them, that's normal. For the rest of us, that's insane.

Castle storming

What's better than storming a castle with your friends? Flying through said castle. In this video, the Soul Flyers storm a castle that remained unconquered for hundreds of years – and do it without shedding a drop of blood.

Have passport, will fly

If this video proves anything, it's that the Soul Flyers are going places. More importantly, if you ever wondered what it was like to fly between snow capped crevasses, now you know.

Want to see more and learn more about the Soul Flyers next adventure? Head over to their website and dive in!

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