Discover the Secret Behind Consummate Climbing

Watch the Alexander Megos Formula and learn how the German rock specialist perfected his technique.
By Henner Thies

The Alex Megos Formula is the four-part video series that delves into the prodigious climber's secrets of success — and you can watch them all right here. 

The fourth episode of the series sees Alex in his home of Frankenjura, a climbing hot spot in the limestone crags of Germany’s Bavaria region. In October 2015, Alex set a milestone there by conquering one of the toughest routes of the area: the Supernova (9a+/9b). Click on the player above to watch the concluding episode.

Physical forces like momentum, friction and the force of gravity make the difference when taking on high-grade climbing routes. But it's how you make use of those forces and how you combine all of them at once that makes the difference. For Alex, it all comes down to a secret ingredient he calls "symmetry."

"He loves what he does and he has the whole package of skills."

Alina Megos (Alex’s sister)

A talented climber stands by himsef
What secret guides Alex Megos? © Frank Kretschmann / Red Bull Content Pool
A man climbing a challenging rock
Alex Megos reaches for a new hand hold © Frank Kretschmann / Red Bull Content Pool

It turns out that "symmetry" is key to the Alexander Megos Formula. Scroll down to catch up on the rest of the series, which includes interviews with his family and his coaches. Will they help decode the formula or will it come down to Alex being more than the sum of his skills?

Episode One: Meet Alex Megos

Episode Two: Friction

Episode Three: Gravity

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