Wild Aerial Adventures in 'Miles Above' Series

Miles Daisher and friends return with more incredible skydiving, wingsuit flying and BASE jumping.
By Kevin McAvoy

The second season of "Miles Above," chronicling the thrilling lives of Miles Daisher and the rest of the Red Bull Air Force, is everything the first season was and more — much more. We’re raising the bar, elevating the elevated, cranking the dial to 11. Expect exotic, faraway lands, never-been-dreamed-of aerial displays and even more baffling insights spewing out of Daisher's mouth.


Looking for skydiving? "Miles Above" has it. BASE jumping? Check. Wingsuit flying? You know it. Speedriding and sky surfing? Of course. Get the feeling of flight with the whole Red Bull Air Force team in eight episodes of awesomeness. 

The series launches Sept. 7 with new episodes every week on Red Bull TV. Can't wait? Binge watch season one of "Miles Above" to see what you're in for!

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