This is what it’s like to be in a wingsuit team

Join the Red Bull Aces in this GoPro video as they demo awesome wingsuit flying in Austria.
By Tarquin Cooper

The Airpower air display festival celebrates everything about flight. While the vintage and acrobatic stunt planes may provide the biggest draw at the biennial Austrian airshow, for raw flying skill it's hard to match the wingsuit flyers who make up Red Bull Aces.

This POV video gives you a wingman's view of their display – a four-wide slalom flight through a course of gates suspended from Armed Forces helicopters. It's flying at its purest.

"It wasn't easy to coordinate the Armed Forces helicopters, from which our gates were suspended, but it worked out perfectly in the end," said Aces flier Marco Waltenspiel.

After watching the video above, we think you'll agree.

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