Sasha’s climbing videos will give you vertigo

Sasha DiGiulian is an incredible climber. See for yourself with some of her best moves right here.
By Tarquin Cooper

She may still only be in her early 20s, but Sasha DiGiulian has already notched up an impressive list of super-hard climbs. (We're talking top of the grade, multiple first ascents – one of the world's top female climbers.)

Naturally, you'd imagine watching her in action is pretty jaw-dropping, which is why we've compiled some of her best action videos below. From Sardinia to South Africa to Brazil, kick back and marvel at her work.

First, here's Sasha sending a 650m big wall in Brazil.

This is one hell of a place to camp

Hard climbing, a rain storm and one wild place to roll out a sleeping bag. This ascent saw Sasha team up with Felipe Camargo to make the first ascent of Pedra Riscada all the way from bottom to top.

“The portaledge was like a five-star hotel for me. The best part, of course, was to wake up with that amazing view,” says Sasha.

South Africa rocks

A few years ago Sasha headed to South Africa to make the first ascent of a beautiful unclimbed route that had been attempted and abandoned several years earlier. After succeeding, she named it 'Rolihlahla', after Nelson Mandela's middle name.

“Waterval Boven is outside of Johannesburg and it’s this pretty remote area that’s home to world-class sport climbing,” Sasha said at the time. “The climbing was impeccable and the lines are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever climbed on.”

The Madmen’s Journey

Climbing can be emotional at the best of times but this ascent was especially poignant for Sasha – just weeks earlier her father had died. “He taught me to follow my heart, and to live for my passion,” she said.

Originally her goal had been to climb in Switzerland, but the weather was biblical so she and climbing partner Edu Marin headed south to Sardinia to tackle a 305m climb on the Italian island, called Viaje de los Locos, The Madmen's Journey. It turned out to be an appropriate name for what came next.

Sasha DiGiulian
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