Grab your bag, these pics will give you wanderlust

All over the world gatherings are taking place to shoot and share photos and ideas. Join them.
By Tarquin Cooper

Red Bull Photography and 500px have joined forces to organise the largest social photography event of the year – the 500px Red Bull Photography Global Photo Walk. It's kicking off on September 17 and you can find all the details and participating cities here.

To celebrate, here are 10 shots from last year that will make you want to travel the world – and take awesome photos.

Window into Lausanne

A photo of green shuttered windows in Lausanne shot during the 500px Red Bull Photography Global Walk project.
Rooms with a view © De

A photo of green shuttered windows in Lausanne from last year. There are Global Walk events in dozens of cities all around the world. Get the full list here.

Skateboarding in Kuala Lumpur

Skateboarding in Kuala Lumpur.
Kuala Lumpur – more fun with a skateboard © Daniel

The opportunities are endless for street photographers in Malaysia's capital. The theme of this year’s walk is Action and Adventure. So put on your walking, running, cycling, or hiking shoes and capture the energy, motion, excitement, and movement of this city and its people.

Spires of Shanghai

Sunset casts the city of Shanghai in a beautiful light.
Hashtag sunset Shanghai © Kandalgaonkar

Shanghai is China's most populous city. It's also a city with an incredible skyline. Get your camera and get shooting.

Kuwait City


The skyline of Kuwait cast in a surreal light.
Surreal skyline in Kuwait © Taha

There is something almost surreal about this shot of Kuwait City skyline, like it belongs in sci-fi movie. Recreate or find your own view. Details on the Kuwait Global Walk can be found on Facebook.

Historic Prague

Moody clouds loom over the iconic Charles Bridge in Prague.
Prague: popular for stag parties and photographers © Draghici

Prague has a bit of a reputation as a party town for hedonistic holidaymakers but for any photographers interested in architecture the city is a goldmine for the imagination.


The famous canals of Amsterdam are one lure for tourists. We won't mention the other ones.
The canals are one reason to visit Amsterdam © Kort

The Dutch city is best known for its liberal attitudes to illicit pleasures. But one of the simplest is simply to wander through the city, absorbing the atmosphere and ambiance.

Seeking Sydney’s other landmarks

St Mary's Cathedral, Sydney: not jealous at all of the city's more famous landmark, the Sydney Opera House. More space to do a headstand though.
One of Sydney's lesser known landmarks © Malik

When it comes to famous Sydney landmarks, there's one in particular that gets all the glory. And it's a special photographer indeed who can get a new angle on the Opera House. But venture further afield, and you'll find a feast of opportunities to capture.

Mountain views in Innsbruck

Great place to take a photo: open square, colourful buildings against a backdrop of big mountains. That's Innsbruck.
Make it look natural © Irsara

Photos always look great with mountains in them. Add colourful buildings and people. Well, then you're definitely onto something. The Global Walk in this picturesque Austrian mountain town takes place on September 17.

New perspective on Hong Kong

Taken by 500px's very own founder Ev Tchebotarev, this is one of the more unusual views of the Hong Kong city skyline.
We're pretty sure other cities have this view too © Ev Tchebotarev

Taken by 500px's very own founder Ev Tchebotarev, this is one of the more unusual views of the Hong Kong city skyline. Nice shot.

Cinque Terre at dusk

The coastal village of  Cinque Terre, Italy; a photographer's delight.
Coastal villages don't get much prettier than this © Cappellini

Is this the most picturesque coastal village ever? If not, Cinque Terre is certainly up there. It's a photographer's delight.

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