Look up and watch these epic night flights

From moonlit BASE jumping to wingsuit flying with LEDs, these night flights will leave you in awe.
By Tarquin Cooper

Taking to the skies at night brings a whole new perspective to the art of flying – whether that's in a wingsuit or paraglider, under moonlight or the Northern Lights. Below, we showcase some of the best – including one that was mistaken for a meteor shower.

Moonlit wingsuit flight

For this project Vince Reffet and Fred Fugen took on a night wingsuit flight under moonlight. It was the first time they'd done a night BASE jump.

But that's not the coolest part – the coolest part is the custom-installed lights hidden in their suits, giving their daring jump an out-of-this-world appearance.

Skydiving with LEDs

What happens when you give the Red Bull Skydive Team some LEDs for their wingsuits, a plane and a drum and bass track to choreograph to. Well this actually. We think you'll agree – it's pretty unique.

Gliding through the Northern Lights


The Northern Lights are spectacular just by themselves. But when viewed from the sky? That's what Horacio Llorens figured. His plan? Fire up the paramotor (a motored paraglider) and check them out. At minus 15 degrees Celsius it was so cold that he flew with heated gloves and wore a wetsuit in case he ditched in a lake.

Watch these skydivers fly through a meteor shower

The Perseids are a prolific meteor shower visible from the island of La Palma. So these wingsuit flyers decided they'd join it with their own 'meteor' shower, jumping from 1,800m. Watch the video and you'll see what we mean.

Mistaken for a meteor shower

When Red Bull Air Force skydivers decided to do a night time jump over Chicago, they were actually reported as a meteor shower.

With pyrotechnics shooting behind them, the skydivers Jon DeVore, Mike Swanson, and Sean MacCormac were reported as 'fireballs in the sky'.

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