Watch this hair-raising mountain speedride

You don’t need snow to speedride down a mountain. The video shows you why.
By Yann Faucher

One thing's for sure. If there's one guy who knows how to speedfly down a mountain it's Frenchman Valentin Delluc. What is speedflying? It's a high-speed form of descent that has elements of paragliding and skydiving. The wing is much smaller than a conventional paragliding wing and that equals speed, a faster rate of descent – and tons of fun.

Most athletes tend to ride in winter, when a pair of skis makes it possible to land on snow and then take off again. (This explains the sport's other name – speedriding.) But with this flight down the French Alps, Valentin demonstrates that you don't need a pair of skis.

“I always choose a take-off depending on the wind and slope, It needs to be steep and ideally with a little headwind so I can inflate my wing in a couple of steps – but I didn't have that this time.”

Valentin has demonstrated his speedriding prowess in the past – by speedriding above an avalanche.

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