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Explore the unrivalled wind-driven passion of kiteboarding in Chapter One: The Kiteboard Legacy.
By Dom Granger

If you're unfamiliar with kiteboarding, this is the perfect movie to introduce you to the pure passion that drives watersports fans to windy beaches to hone their skills. And if you're one of those passionate practitioners of the sport, you'll recognise yourself in one of the well known protagonists of the film. But no matter how much you know about this sport, there's a good chance this movie will make you want to go kiteboarding.

Bruna Kajiya performing a kiteboarding trick in Brazil at night time
Brazil’s Bruna Kajiya doesn't let sundown stop her © Andre Magarao Costa

As you'll see in Chapter One: The Kiteboard Legacy Begins, when people get hooked on kiteboarding, there's no turning back. So many people have completely changed their lifestyles to be able to pursue their newly acquired passion as soon as they set foot on a kiteboard and ride their first few tacks. This is an empowering sport that gives you the freedom to explore the world in a new way and see things from a new perspective. It demands you to push your own limits and teaches you to step outside of your comfort zone. It makes you live here, and now. 

Ruben Lenten riding by the camera and making a peace sign in Le Morne, Mauritius.
Dutch kiteboarder Ruben Lenten in his element © Joel Capillaire / Red Bull Content Pool

Harnessing the wind has been in the make-up of mankind for centuries. From kiteboarding's history and legends, to the use of and link with technology, from wave riding to freestyle, from storm chasers to a famous millionaire, from passion to competition, Chapter One: The Kiteboard Legacy Begins covers pretty much every possible aspect of kiteboarding in a unforgettable way. 

Watch the first trailer of the movie below:

And it looks like Christmas just came early: today is the only day when you can watch what promises to be the most epic kiteboarding movie of all time. That’s right: Chapter One: The Kiteboard Legacy Begins is available for your viewing pleasure on demand on Red Bull TV for 24 hours only, and it starts today at 9AM UTC.

Want to watch the full movie again and again? Get it on iTunes now.


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