Be mesmerised by this time-lapse of Matterhorn

How a photographer squeezed countless hours and images into a fleeting moment of art for The Horn.
By Steve Root

Most photography is one frame or perhaps a brief video snippet, snagged from a singular moment in time.

Andrew Geraci, on the other hand, specialises in capturing long stretches – hours or even a day – and everything that occurs within that period of time. He then compresses the images into highly potent distillations of meteorological and celestial phenomenon, light arrays and human activity.

Fans of the Netflix series House of Cards know Geraci’s work well: His title-sequence opener, shot in and around Washington, DC, sets a gritty, foreboding tone for the hit political thriller. Now, Geraci brings that same deft touch, albeit in a style that conveys a sense of natural wonder and lightness, to the time-lapse sequences for Red Bull TV’s exciting new helicopter search and rescue docu-series, The Horn. Check it out!

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