Have Parachute, Will Push Boundaries

Check this high-flying compilation of varied forms of sky sports, from wingsuits to speedriding.
By Dom Granger

Two and a half minutes of pure flying fun. That's exactly what the video above blesses you with. We put together a short edit with some of the best aerial sports action there is. Why, you may ask?

Flying is awesome

It’s been the dream of mankind since the beginning of time. If only the Wright brothers knew that this type of flying would one day be possible. They'd have lost their minds.

Flying is inspirational

Just search for "flying quotes" on the internet and you’ll definitely find an inspirational flying metaphor about the meaning of life, which you can probably use on your next Instagram post.

The moment you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever to be able to do it.

Peter Pan

These images are amazing

This compilation is actually the perfect video clip to go with the new song, "Here And Now" — the title track taken from the latest release by Sounds of Red Bull. Available now in iTunes!

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