These guys proved that trekking Siberia is extreme

Meet the guys who trekked through Siberia to ski one of the world’s remotest mountains.
By Corinna Halloran

Melting ice roads, zero chance of rescue and ridiculously cold temperatures (-60 degrees Celsius) didn’t stop Onekotan's explorers Matthias 'Hauni' Haunholder and Matthias Mayr from trekking to one of Siberia’s most remote mountains, Gora Pobeda. To take things to the next level, the guys wanted to then be the first people to ski the absurdly steep peak all the while making a full-length feature film: The White Maze. Their adventure was so extreme they actually deemed it a ‘personal mission impossible.’

Everything about this adventure was ridiculous – for one, roads turned into rivers overnight. Then, the guys had to carry, push and pull their gear over hundreds of kilometres to Gora Pobeda; in some instances it took up to six hours to move only two kilometres. Talk about torture! Normally this would be easy, but there’s an age old saying: it didn’t happen if it wasn’t filmed. So, they had to lug over 300kg of gear over (and through) the melting roads, only to ‘maybe’ have their gear working when they needed it.

With all these struggles it’s hard not to wonder if it was actually worth it in the end? We have a strong feeling that the answer is ‘hells yes!,’ however we have to ultimately let you decide for yourself – tune in to Red Bull TV on November 18 to watch the full documentary The White Maze.

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