Freefalls and Waterfalls: Skyaking at Its Finest

Miles Daisher and Rafa Ortiz transition from the ether to a rushing river.
By Duncan Regnarg

When you're an accomplished skyaker (skydive + kayak = skyak) like Miles Daisher, it’s pretty normal that, at some point in your career, you'll find a way to link a skydive jump to landing on a river. And, of course, descend a massive waterfall. That'd probably be the crowning accomplishment of any skyaker's career.

But even if you're crazy enough to be part of the Red Bull Air Force team, it doesn’t mean you're not calculated. Quite the opposite, in fact.

Knowing that it would be an incredibly dangerous challenge for pretty much anyone except a professional kayaker, Daisher was left looking for a solution.

The answer was to make it a relay. And bring in a stunt double.

You know how you do that? Call in your stunt double —Rafa Ortiz! I'm not paddling over that waterfall. That's crazy!

Miles Daisher

And during the eighth episode of the second season of Red Bull TV’s Miles Above series, this is exactly what happened.

Even though the baton was passed to Rafa Ortiz, it doesn’t take away from the fact Daisher landed by parachute, in a kayak, in the middle of a rushing river. Same goes for Ortiz dropping from a waterfall like Idaho's Lower Mesa Fall. Both are pretty incredible individual feats on their own. But put 'em together and you have a one-of-a-kind relay stunt.

If you like skydiving, BASE jumping and wingsuit flying, you’ll want to tune in to Red Bull TV to watch every episode of this high-flying series.

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