Watch these kayakers go blindfolded and backwards

If you’re Nouria Newman or Dane Jackson, losing at rock-paper-scissors brings extreme consequences.
By Nicolas Guiloineau

Everyone has used rock-paper-scissors to settle an important question at some point, like who gets to ride shotgun. But when you’re Nouria Newman and Dane Jackson, two of the world’s top extreme kayakers, it can be used to settle more interesting questions – like who gets to paddle the next rapid backwards!

Nouria Newman and Dane Jackson play rock paper scissors
Nouria Newman and Dane Jackson prepare to battle © Nouria Newman & Dane Jackson

On the sidelines of Sickline in Austria, one of the biggest annual kayaking comps, they took some time out to have fun by daring each other with some unusual challenges, such as paddling blindfolded, going down backwards and chasing each other down river – all decided by a round of rock-paper-scissors.

Watch the video to see how they got on.

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