Ask Kayaker Rafa Ortiz About 'Chasing Niagara'

An interactive interview where you choose the questions about Rafa's quest to drop Niagara Falls.
By Duncan Regnarg

An interview with an athlete working on a big project is always a great read. A video interview? Even better. Now we're taking things up a notch and offering you the next best thing to meeting kayaker Rafa Ortiz in person — an interactive interview.

Yes, you read that correctly — you're the interviewer and can steer the questions in the direction you want by simply clicking on the topics that interest you the most. Ortiz is there waiting to answer whatever question you choose about his massive "Chasing Niagara" project to drop into Niagara Falls.

Divided in four parts, this interactive interview lets you ask our daredevil about his preparation, teamwork, fame and even what his parents think of it all. It also gives you the chance to learn about what kind of planning goes into making such a challenge happen. Not only the pre-planning, but also the way it felt on the day.

For the aftermath section, you'll have to be a little patient though — it'll be unlocked only after the release of "Chasing Niagara" on Red Bull TV on Dec. 25.

So go ahead and start clicking. After all, Ortiz is sitting there impatiently waiting to answer all of your questions, along with some nice footage as visual support.

The movie "Chasing Niagara" will be available on Red Bull TV starting Dec. 25, for two full weeks.

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