Red Bull Air Force

The most accomplished and experienced aviation experts on the planet

Kirby Chambliss flys over the Red Bull Air Force.
© Michael Clark/Red Bull Content Pool

The Red Bull Air Force is a team assembled from the most accomplished and experienced aviation experts on the planet. The team spans the full spectrum, from human flight (skydivers, B.A.S.E. jumpers and wingsuit flyers) to the top aerobatic helicopter and plane pilots in the world.

Bookings and Info:
  1. Red Bull Air Force Skydiver Jon DeVore in Arizona

    Jon DeVore

    Red Bull Air Force manager Jon DeVore is an advocate of his sport, logging over 17000 skydivers and 500 BASE jumps, and spots in several Hollywood movies.

  2. Red Bull Air Force Skydiver Jeff Provenzano in Arizona

    Jeffrey Provenzano

    Jeff 'Jeffro' Provenzano is a member of the Red Bull Air Force team, but is perhaps best known for inventing incredible stunts such as 'The Miracle Man'.

  3. Amy Chmelecki

    Amy Chmelecki is a US-born aerial expert. With 11 world records and seven world titles to her name, she's always looking for something new and is fired up for the next big challenge.

  4. Red Bull Air Force Skydiver Mike Swanson in Arizona

    Mike Swanson

    Whether he's winning countless medals, doing demos with the Red Bull Air Force, or starring in blockbuster movies, Mike Swanson is always in the air!

  5. Red Bull Air Force Skydiver Sean MacCormac

    Sean MacCormac

    Multiple-time U.S. National Champion, X Games medallist and world record setter Sean MacCormac is a skydiving legend whose limits know no bounds.

  6. Red Bull Air Force Skydiver Miles Daisher in Arizona

    Miles Daisher

    Miles is so passionate about his sport that he is pushing its limits by creating new aspects, including skyaking and rope-swing BASE jumping.

  7. Red Bull Air Force Skydiver Andy Farrington

    Andy Farrington

    Cancer survivor, skydiving ace, Pro Swooper and Red Bull champ, Andy Farrington is a king of the skies with over 16,000 skydives and 1,000 BASE jumps to his name.

  8. Red Bull Air Force Skydiver Luke Aikins in Arizona

    Luke Aikins

    Luke Aikins is part of a skydiving dynasty and is doing everything he can to keep the family tradition going.

  9. Kirby Chambliss poses with his race plane ahead of the Red Bull Air Race World Championship in Spielberg, Austria on April 23, 2016

    Kirby Chambliss

    As a five-time US National Aerobatic Champion and Red Bull Air Race contender, Kirby has demonstrated time and time again that flying is his lifelong passion!