Dallas or Big D

Dallas Friday

One of the most decorated and successful women in wakeboarding’s history!

Dallas Friday surrounded by nature
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Hi, my name is Dallas Friday. My discipline is wakeboarding boat. My friends call me Dallas or Big D. I was born on 6 September 1986 in Orlando, Florida, USA. My special talent is colouring CD's. My philosophy of life is be a good person and always do your best. My favourite food is candy.


Women’s wakeboarding pioneer Dallas Friday is one of the best-known female wakeboarders in the world... and has a string of trophies to prove it! A podium threat in any event she enters, Dallas has won more events and championship titles than anyone else in her sport since she hit the water as a pro at 13. Dallas is most proud of her 2004 ESPY award for Best Female Action Sports Athlete, and has continued to build a career around winning, with Masters Championship and IWSF World Cup Championship titles to her name.

A former gymnast and a fierce competitor, Dallas has helped shape the sport of wakeboarding by inventing and perfecting highly technical acrobatic aerial manoeuvres. She’s one of the most recognisable faces in wakeboarding and one of the most disciplined athletes in action sports. Dallas made it her mission to get more people involved in wakeboarding by pushing her own progression and getting the sport as much exposure as possible. A darling of the surfing and sport press, she's certainly put her stamp on the industry.

Dallas suffered severe injuries in 2010 that resulted in a two-year break from the sport while she pursued an intense rehabilitation programme. Her fighting spirit and pure skill combined saw her re-enter the waves in 2012, and she has continued to dominate the competition ever since.

In 2014, she announced her new partnership with Ronix. She is very excited about working with engineers and participate in the creation of a new women's board, designed to be the best for a woman's shape and size.

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Career Highlights

  1. 2015
    1. 1st Place: WWA Pro Tour

      Tokyo, Japan

  2. 2015
    1. MOOMBA Masters Champion

  3. 2013
    1. 1st Place: WWA Wakeboard World Championships

      Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin, USA

    2. 2nd Place Overall: Queen of Wake Series

  4. 2010
    1. 1st Place: Air Nautique Wake Games

      Florida, USA

  5. 2009
    1. WWA World Wakeboard Champion

    2. 1st Place Overall: Queen of Wake

    3. 1st Place: Pro Wakeboard Tour

      Reno, USA