Cherry Bomb with Pavel Alekhin Vishneviy

Teaser clip for a new documentary series which follows the Russian MTB freeride star around Europe.
© Christoph Laue
By Amah-Rose Abrams

Pavel Alekhin Vishneviy wowed the crowds at this year’s White Style turned best trick contest with an amazing performance, which saw him walk away with the win.

One of the most remarkable things about the win was that the other riders were almost more concerned with his magnetism than his awesome skills.

This documentary follows Pavel around Europe from Moscow to Vienna to Berlin and Barcelona as he practises and competes as the only Russian rider to make it internationally in the world of Freeride MTB.

Pavel’s personality, ambition and drive to succeed all comes under the microscope in this series as the makers of try and find out what pushes him and makes him tick.

Pavel will be competing in the FMB World Tour at Vienna Air King on April 7 which will be broadcast live on Red Bull Bike.


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