Buffalo Soldiers: The Whole Enchilada

In this episode René takes on the Whole Enchilada and has a go at being a cowboy in Colorado, USA.

© Christophe Margot

The next instalment of Buffalo Soldiers is here and this time René rides the legendary Whole Enchilada trail and has a go at being a real life cowboy.

This whole project has been about fulfilling dreams for René and one long time ambition of his was to ride the Whole Enchilada trail. He set off to ride 40 miles in 3 hours through the snowy hills the desert with a drop in altitude of 6000ft.

No sooner had René got off his bike than he was pursuing another dream, to be a real life cowboy. Rene met up with Dee Taylor whose family have been living in Colorado for 120 years making he and his sons the sixth and seventh generations to run their farm.

The guys ride through the stunning landscape for seven hours before René gets the familiar itch to get back on his bike.

The next episode is about the future and features Andrew Shandro talking about what’s next for this young sport.