Imaginate: MacAskill Gets Back on the Bike (Ep. 2)

With rehab on track, Danny MacAskill meets one of his heroes as the Imaginate project moves ahead.
Danny MacAskill shows them how it's done during the Red Wings Academy workshop at the Olympic Stadium in Munich, Germany
Danny MacAskill shows off his moves © Bull Content Pool

Imagine releasing three street-trials-riding videos that garnered well over 60 million views. Imagine being handed the keys to a project that would make all of your wildest riding dreams a reality. Imagine having it all sidelined by limitations from injuries that you never thought you'd have to deal with.

Danny MacAskill hasn't had to imagine those things -- he's lived them. The project -- titled Imaginate -- will allow MacAskill to create the fairy-tale set-ups that he's fantasized about over his riding career, but just as the concept was beginning to take shape, it became obvious that nagging injuries would need to be addressed first.

The Imaginate video series follows Danny through the full history of the project, the first episode documenting his decision to get surgery, and the second, released today, accompanying him as he meets one of his heroes, motorcycle road racer Guy Martin.

As he rehabs his back and knee, Danny also starts checking out warehouses which will ultimately house the perfect riding layout and produce another landmark edit. Follow along and get the latest story behind one of the world's most famous and mind-blowing cyclists.

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