Watch Rebecca Rusch Set New Kokopelli Trail Record

For Red Bull Rusch Hour, endurance mountain bike athlete Rebecca Rusch set a new female time record.

Red Bull Rusch Hour began at midnight on April 27, 2013, with Rusch starting her journey down the iconic 142-mile Kokopelli Trail in an attempt to break the female time record of 15 hours, 3 minutes (set by Lynda Wallenfels in 2006).

Rusch rode unsupported, starting in Moab, Utah, and finishing just outside Fruita, Colorado. She crushed the record by almost two hours, achieving a final time of 13 hours, 32 minutes.

Early in the ride, she crashed in a large rut and dislocated her index finger, tore a tendon, and broke the light on her helmet. She put her finger back in place herself and rode through two hours of darkness with limited ability to brake. Despite the crash and the hurdles it presented, she pushed past the pain to break the women’s time record.

Now that Rusch has finished her record-breaking attempt, amateur riders are challenged to #JoinTheRusch to see how they match up, either on the same Kokopelli Trail or any other 142-mile trek of their choice.

The goal for these riders is as much about the experience as it is speed. Special prizes will be awarded based on a combination of stories and photos shared, as well as the time to complete the journey. For more info on how you can participate, follow this link.

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