Watch the Best Dirt Jumping from 26TRIX

The latest stop of the FMB World Tour went down in Austria; see the highlights - and crashes - now.
By Spoke Nipples

The world's best mountain bike dirt jumpers gathered in Leogang, Austria, over the weekend for the latest edtiion of 26TRIX. The weather became a major factor, with wind blowing some of the riders off their lines and into wild crashes, which you can see in the video above.

Ultimately, the windy conditions forced the cancellation of the final, but not before some of the biggest tricks went down in qualifying. Check out the top three riders' runs above (Sam Pilgrim, Brett Rheeder and Sam Reynolds), along with Szymon Godziek's cash roll, which won Best Trick.

For more freeride action, watch the Red Bull Phenom contetst at X Games LIVE from Munich, Germany, on June 30.

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