Imaginate: MacAskill Behind the Scenes (Ep. 5)

You've seen the incredible action clip from Danny MacAskill, now see what went into the filming.
Danny MacAskill does a loop in the full pipe during filming for Imaginate
Danny MacAskill full pipe © Fred Murray / Red Bull Content Pool
By Spoke Nipples

Hopefully you've had a chance to watch Danny MacAskill's latest trials-riding action clip, Imaginate (watch it here now if you haven't), so you know how crazy the tricks are and how involved the production was. Now, in episode five of the Imaginate series, we take you behind the scenes during filming to see how it all came together.

Although he makes every trick look like a walk in the park in the film, not everything came easy. Already coming off of back surgery, MacAskill took a few hearty slams during filming, but he was committed to making the project come to life, so he kept pushing through.

Watch episode five now and see Danny and the crew make magic happen.

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Danny MacAskill
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