What we learned... Les Deux Alpes EWS

When the going gets tough, the tough get going and so it proved at Les Deux Alpes.
Particpant at the Enduro World Series round in Les Deux Alpes
What we learned...EWS Les Deux Alpes © Enduro World Series
By Rajiv Desai

1. Only the brave need apply

Without doubt Les Deux Alpes provided the most challenging course of the EWS so far, with all four stages packed into a single day of gruelling racing. It wasn’t only a physical workout for the riders but a mental one too. All four stage starts could only be reached by chairlift. This left some time for reflection and probably a quick 40 winks as well.

2. Is it all downhill from here?

Throwing up it's fair share of steep, technical descents round three welcomed a number of DH World Cup racers to the Enduro fold, with Loic Bruni and Sam Blenkinsop taking the win on stages three and four respectively. Aussie pinner Mick Hannah also dipped his toes in the Enduro pond this weekend. Is this the start of something?

3. Dan’s the Man

Dan Atherton finished 5th overall but this doesn’t quite tell all as he put in a herculean effort after waking up in the morning with a heavy head cold. A condition that surely cannot have been helped by the heat at Les Deux Alpes. Dan grabbed second places on the last two stages and was predictably shattered at the end of the day’s racing. Chapeau Dan.

4. Class never leaves you

Despite being a favourite for the overall EWS, Jerome Clementz missed out on wins at the first two rounds of the series and so was under heavy pressure at Les Deux Alpes to do well. The Enduro veteran showed that he hadn’t lost any of his nuance and experience, putting in an incredible 25 seconds into the field on the long Stage one.

5. T-Mo is unstoppable

Tracy Moseley seems unstoppable on the EWS. No other girl can get near her and so it proved here with some consistent finishes on all four stages including a win on Stage 3. Tracey won by a full 15 seconds from her nearest challenger Cecile Ravanel and has now dominated all three races of this season so far. Is there a chink in the armour? We don’t think so but only time will tell as the series moves over the Atlantic for the next two rounds.

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