Teaser: The Ultimate BMX Roadtrip - On Motorcycles

The Red Bull Ride & Seek video series follows a BMX spot-searching roadtrip, premiering August 6.
By Spoke Nipples

Pro BMX riders Corey Martinez, Garrett Reynolds and Tony Neyer set out on a roadtrip recently, but it was far from your average journey. The riders packed their bikes on custom Victory motorcycles and searched for good times on the road, camping out and looking for new spots to shred along the way. The 10-episode series premieres on Red Bull’s YouTube channel on August 6; get a taste of what’s to come in the teaser video above.

The journey began at the Martinez home in Nashville, and by the time the crew rolled into Key West, Florida, they had racked up 1,900 miles’ worth of memories and new adventures. Between campsites and a cruise along the Tail of the Dragon, a curve-packed road in the Carolinas, the three-man crew hooks up with other riders like Van Homan, Brian Kachinsky and Mike “Hucker” Clark.

Tune in for the first episode on August 6, and get ready to learn more about their experiences on the road, see some amazing riding throughout the Southeast, and watch Corey lay down burnouts at every state line crossing.

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