Dawid Godziek pulls off quadruple tailwhip

Polish rider joins select group of riders to land the trick.
© Bartek Wolinski
By Rajiv Desai

Not to be outdone by his brother's recent world first barspin cash roll on a mountain bike, Dawid Godziek pulled off the very difficult quadruple tailwhip move on his BMX recently.

It has been quite a few weeks for the Pole. At the Vans Dirt and Roll contest in the Czech Republic at the end of June, Dawid landed the equally difficult frontflip barspin to no hand combo that won him the best trick contest there.

Before Dawid's quad exploits, Mike Spinner and Andy Buckworth were the only two BMX riders known to have completed a quadruple tailwhip in front of rolling cameras.

Dawid Godziek
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