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Ice cream, trophy trucks and Mammoth Mountain - Aaron Gwin answers our 'big ten' questions...
Aaron Gwin at his top spot, Mammoth Mountain © Cameron Baird / Red Bull Content Pool
By RedBull.com Team

What has been the highlight of your career so far?
I'd say results wise it would have to be winning two overall World Cup titles for sure. For me, winning an overall was the ultimate goal so to do it twice is a huge blessing. I'm really proud of the national titles I've won too, I remember my first few years of racing those were huge for me and I'll remember those for a long time.

What are your plans or goals for 2013?
To have fun and improve every weekend. Sounds simple and it's pretty much the same two goals I have every year but it gets harder and harder to do sometimes, and there's a lot of other goals that come along inside of those. I think as long as you’re enjoying what you do most of the time and getting better as much as you can, then that's about all the success you could ask for.

If you had to choose an alternative career, what would you choose to do?
That's a tough one, right now I'd probably say that I'd really like to race trophy trucks. I've actually got a friend with a truck right now that we're prepping and if everything goes as planned, we'll be hitting a few of the races this upcoming off-season. It's a long ways from a career but it'll be a load of fun. Never know!

Who is your sports hero, and why?
I'd say anyone who works hard and gives it their absolute best. Sometimes you have success in results and sometimes you don't, but being willing to take the risk and really go for it is something to be proud of.

What's the best thing about your sport?
I've ridden bikes of some sort since I was 4 years old so I'd just say the love of riding and training. I enjoy being able to push myself on the bike and in the gym and call it a job.

What's the worst thing about your sport?
The traveling, for sure. It's cool to see so many new places but when you're there to race, it's a little less than a vacation. We usually only see whatever is in between the airport and the race track and most of our time on the race weekends are spent in a hotel. Most of the races are in Europe too so it's a long way from home and I definitely miss being around my family and friends back there sometimes.

What's your biggest annoyance in life?
Hmm… who knows? Probably that ice cream isn't more healthy for me! I'd eat loads of it.

What's your favorite place to ride in the world, and why?
That's a hard question being there are so many good places. Probably Mammoth Mountain or anywhere in Colorado. If I could live in one of those two places during the summers and back home in the winters I'd be stoked.

What's your biggest challenge in life?
I'd say just sticking to my own program and living my life how I want to. Sounds funny but there's so many people and distractions that try to pull you out of what you want to be doing that you're constantly having to separate yourself and focus on your own deal. It's the type of challenge that I happily accept and enjoy though so it's not a big struggle, just a part of life!

Where do you see yourself in ten years?
Who knows, I can't predict what life will look like in half that time but I know I'll be enjoying the ride wherever I end up.


Aaron Gwin in action at the men's DH competition at Val di Sole on June 16
More disappointment for Gwin © Sven Martin
Aaron Gwin
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