In Case You Missed It: Drew Bezanson at Joyride

If you haven't seen this wild BMX video, it's a must-watch. If you have, you know you want to again.
By Derreck Delk

Back in June, Drew Bezanson dropped his latest action edit from Joyride 150 park in Ontario, Canada, which you can watch above. The hungry masses signaled their approval, and it was no surprise -- Bezanson goes hard, and he went all in for this project. From massive gaps to a custom-built, sky-high hitching post, he checked off a few dream moves for this edit.

Drew also collaborated with filmmaker Justen Soule for an in-depth behind-the-scenes video, which you can check out below. Find out what Drew's motivations were, and see some of the effort that went into creating one of the most amazing BMX edits of the year.

Bezanson's brain is always working, so you can bet he's cooking up some other projects to make the tricks that are floating around in his head a reality. We can't wait...

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Drew Bezanson
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