The Past 7 Days in Mountain Biking

Cedric Gracia drops big news, Martin Söderström wins in Colorado, Bearclaw digs in and more...
By Mike Berard

Satisfy your appetite for news with these snippets from the mountain bike world.

1. A Day in the Life of Cedric Gracia

CG takes us on a jealousy-invoking tour of his house, his bar and his life (watch it all in the video above). It will leave you asking questions like, “What have I done with my life?”

2. …And Cedric Gracia retires from the World Cup

Maybe Cedric’s life is just too good? After the Vallnord World Cup DH race, CG announced his retirement, stating he was looking forward to concentrating on “big movie parts” and “crushing enduro racers.” This should be fun.

3. Martin Söderström Wins Colorado Freeride Festival Slopestyle

With trademark style, the tall Swede flows effortlessly to an easy win in Colorado (watch the GoPro video of his incredible run above). Smooooooth.

© Anthill Films

4. ‘Not Bad’ Premieres

Anthill Film’s new project, ‘Not Bad,’ premiered yesterday. Buy it on iTunes. It’s not just “not bad,” it’s really, really entertaining.

5. Steve Smith Shaves his Beard

Risky move by the Canadian. Everyone knows facial hair is the source of all power and Smith has been having an amazing season so far. At least he kept that badass moustache.

6. Darren Berrecloth Building the Bearclaw Invitational Course

Mount Washington Alpine Resort may have closed their bike park but they still know how to hold an event. The Claw has been getting his hands (and backhoe) dirty building a new course for the Bearclaw Invitational. The event kicks off August 22.

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