The New King of Garbanzo

A Fresh Champ Crowned at Crankworx Whistler's Grueling 7 km Downhill Race
By Seetoh Lang
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Lift Off
Lift Off The race kicked off at the peak of the Garbanzo Express chair. © Mason Mashon/Red Bull Content Pool
White Knuckle Ride
White Knuckle Ride The Garbanzo Downhill course at Crankworx Whistler is very long by Downhill standards. Riders travel over 7 km (4.3 miles) of terrain, descending 1,000 m (3,4000 ft) of vertical into Whistler Village. © Mason Mashon/Red Bull Content Pool
Packed Field
Packed Field Yes, that bib number reads 704. The rider list was huge. Here, Alex Attard of Austrialia barrels down the course in the Masters category. © Mason Mashon/Red Bull Content Pool
Build and They Will Come
Build and They Will Come Whistler Bike Park is massive, and the Garbanzo course took full advantage of it. © Seetoh Lang
Enduro Downhill
Enduro Downhill The course ran through a variety of Whistler Bike Park's trails: Original Sin - Blue Velvet - In Deep - Container - No Joke/ Duffman - Golden Triangle - World Cup Singletrack - Ho Chi Min - Longhorn - Monkey Hands to finish. Now trying saying that three times fast. © Seetoh Lang
Pick Your Poison
Pick Your Poison Line choice was critical, especially on a course this long. © Mason Mashon/Red Bull Content Pool
Natural Elements
Natural Elements The many rock faces offered plenty of traction, allowing the quickest riders to seemingly fly down them. © Mason Mashon/Red Bull Content Pool
Hecklers It wouldn't be Crankworx without them. © Seetoh Lang
Choices Picking wisely. © Seetoh Lang
Berms, berms
Berms, berms and more berms. Riders had their work cut out for them in the winding terrain. © Seetoh Lang
Soak in the Views
Soak in the Views A full contrast of colors Whistler's Green Lake in the background. © Mason Mashon/Red Bull Content Pool
Over the Edge
Over the Edge Riders had to brake wisely, loose berms like this were destroyed by the end of the day. © Mason Mashon/Red Bull Content Pool
Paws It's not uncommon to see bears in the bike park, a fitting reminder that you are in mountain territory. © Seetoh Lang
Knobs Tyre choice was key. © Mason Mashon/Red Bull Content Pool
Hecklers Local girl Claire Buchar took second place in the Women's Pro category. Maybe heckling does help? © Mason Mashon/Red Bull Content Pool
Quickest Way Down
Quickest Way Down Canadian rider Alexandre Carbonneau negotiates a particularly steep rock face. © Mason Mashon/Red Bull Content Pool
Solar Riders hit one last jump before sprinting to the finish. © Seetoh Lang
Gutierrez Having almost tasted victory in previous years, Colombian rider Marcelo Gutierrez rode fast and with a vengeance. Second place was clearly not an option for him. © Mason Mashon/Red Bull Content Pool
Hart Danny Hart whips into the finish line and a top 10 standing. © Seetoh Lang
The Hot Seat
The Hot Seat Marcelo Gutierrez looks on after speeding across the finish line into first place, with just one rider left on the mountain. © Seetoh Lang
Anticipation The crowd was glued to the screens as Loic Bruni of France made his way down the course. He was the last rider on the field, and the only one left who could unseat Gutierrez. © Mason Mashon/Red Bull Content Pool
New King
New King But Loic's efforts weren't enough, leaving Marcelo in first place. Smiles from the new Garbanzo champ. © Seetoh Lang
Women's Pro Podium
Women's Pro Podium Emmeline was dominant on course, taking the win by almost 20 seconds. Final standings: 1st: Emmeline Ragot. 2nd: Claire Buchar. 3rd: Holly Feniak. © Seetoh Lang
Men's Pro Podium
Men's Pro Podium Shaving an incredible 10 seconds off his previous year's run, Marcelo Gutierrez clocked in at 12:28 to take the win. Final standings: 1st. Marcelo Gutierrez. 2nd. Sam Blenkinsop. 3rd. Remi Gauvin. © Seetoh Lang
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