World Champs Greats #1: Danny Hart

Danny Hart tames Champery, 2011.
© Sven Martin
By Ric McLaughlin

This is without doubt one of the greatest moments in DH racing ever. Champery in Switzerland is a notoriously fast, loose and steep race track and as the rain started to pour down come finals, it wasn't a place anyone wanted to be. Except for Danny Hart.

The above clip became an overnight YouTube sensation, partly thanks to the extatic commentary of Rob Warner and Nigel Page. But to see the run in it's real context you needed to have watched that full afternoon's racing. Whilst the other pro ranks tip-toed their way through the rivers of mud, Danny attacked.

He went for lines which even in the dry, many were not attempting. He hit all the jumps, threw out massive whips and powered home to an astonishing lead of nearly 12 seconds.

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