Why BMX is Better Than Football

Barspins vs. Pigskins: Football players may collect bigger checks, but c’mon -- BMX is just better.
BMX freestyle rider Daniel Sandoval does a trick at a concrete park in Riverside, California in June 2013
Daniel Sandoval, no-handed vader footjam nosepick © Justin Kosman/Red Bull Content Pool
By Leigh Ramsdell

I enjoy watching a football game with friends, but I can honestly say the appeal is really more about the company than the big guys chasing an oblong ball up and down the field. In my opinion, when it comes to participation there’s a big difference between a “sport” and a simple “game.” Next time someone recommends you stop riding your bike and start following a “real” sport, use this list of justifications to shut them up.

1. Fantasy BMX teams do not exist. We keep it real.

2. There is a good chance you can actually ride with your favorite BMX pro. However, there is little chance you will be able to play a pick-up game with Peyton Manning.

3. It only takes one person to have fun on a bike. Throwing a football to yourself gets old real quick.

4. BMXers are tougher, period. We take some pretty crazy slams, with minimal protection, and we get back up and keep going. (Wear your helmet, by the way.)

5. The rules and regulations of football are complex. BMX is pure and simple.

6. BMX keeps progressing but football has pretty much stayed the same since the NFL was founded in 1920. Boring.

7. You don’t typically see females playing football whereas the ranks of BMX are constantly growing with female riders.

8. Nicole Kidman has never been in a football movie. We can proudly say she starred in 'BMX Bandits.'

9. You don’t need to wear a uniform to ride your bike, although really tight pants seem to be the norm in both football and BMX for some reason…

10. A good play in football often results in a smack on the butt from teammates (not that there’s anything wrong with that). BMXers can simply pound fists or give a high-five for a good trick.

11. Football games have really hot cheerleaders on the sidelines and BMX has… team managers fixing flats at contests. Okay, you win on this one, football.

12. You don’t have to deal with 11 snarling giants bent on burying you in the ground every time you go for a trick -- only the occasional tackle attempt from a security guard.

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