FIAT Nine Knights: Contest day

Contest day action from Livigno featuring the main category winners.
© David Malacrida
By Rajiv Desai

Some of the world’s best freeriders gathered in Livigno, Italy, yesterday for the 2013 edition of the FIAT Nine Knights contest.

The 23 riders competing at the contest, which is in the form of a relaxed jam format, were looking to win prizes in three different categories: Best Trick, Best Whip and Best Line.

At the end of a sunny day at the Mottolino Fun Mountain, Frenchman Antoine Bizet was awarded the Best Trick prize. The Best Line award went to Canadian Geoff Gulevich, while the winner of the Best Whip was Mads Makken Haugen from Norway.

Antoine Bizet won the Best Trick competition after pulling off a double backflip on his downhill bike, a move that he first showed off in practice earlier in the week.

Best Line winner Geoff Gulevich started with a Tabletop from the 7m tower, sent a Speed Jump over the Kicker, a One Foot Tabletop in the Freeride Section and topped it all off with a massive air on the Hip.

Makken Haugen whipped his way to over 90 degrees with judges awarding him the number one spot in the Best Whip category.

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