Vans Kill The Line 2013: Finals photo gallery

Mike "Hucker" Clark is crowned the 2013 Vans Kill the Line champ.

Mike ‘Hucker’ Clark took the win at the 2013 Vans Kill The Line trails contest in Peynier, Southern France. Hucker won the contest with original tricks including bar hump 360s and huge nose dive 360s. Ben Wallace came second. Wallace was riding with a badly injured jaw after head butting his handle bars at the end of qualifiers the day before.

Check down below for a photo gallery of the finals.


1. Mike "Hucker“ Clark (USA)
2. Ben Wallace (UK)
3. Simon Moratz (GER)
4. JB Peytavit (FRA)
5. Cam White (AUS)
6. Daniel Tünte (GER)
7. Justin Fouque (FRA)
8. Alex Landeros (USA)
9. Rob Darden (USA)
10. Joe Simpson (NZ)
11. Bob Manchester (UK)
12. Josh Stead (AUS)
13. Max Bringer (FRA)
14. Max Bimar (FRA)
15. Adrien Loron (FRA)
16. Matt Priest (UK)
17. Timothé Bringer (FRA)