The Blagger's Guide to the 4X World Champs

All the important (and some useless) stuff you might want to note before this weekend's Worlds.
Michal Prokop © Red Bull Content Pool
By Ric McLaughlin

Amidst the drama and hype of this weekend's UCI DH World Cup decider there's also the matter of the 4X World Champs. They're a bit of a different kettle of fish so here's all you need to know...

The race they couldn't kill 

The sport of fourcross was rather unceremoniously dumped by the UCI from it's World Cup schedule back in 2011. The big hope was that XCE would take it's place, no-one would notice and the governing body would have a new Olympic discipline on it's hands. Except that didn't really happen. The 4X Alliance was formed, they produced the Pro Tour. The Worlds is still UCI affiliated though. 

Across the pond

Fourcross is a big deal for those fond of gated racing and the Worlds has attracted some attention from the small wheelers. Caroline Buchanan and Barry Nobles have entered for Australia and USA respectively. Interestingly (this is Cunny's stat), this will be the third World Champs she'll have ridden in two months. FACT!

Bongo Bongo

The Worlds will take place in Bikepark Leogang which opened in 2001 and has had over 100,000 visitors. Persumably they come for the trail names as you can merge Flying Gangster with Bongo Bongo...

United Nations

Unlike the Pro Tour where riders race for their sponsor's teams, racers will race for their respective countries. 

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