How Do You Win Red Bull Rampage?

The mountain bike riders on the Rampage roster tell us what it takes to make the finals and win.
Mountain bikers Kurt Sorge, Antoine Bizet and Logan Binggeli podium celebration after Red Bull Rampage 2012
The podium celebration at Red Bull Rampage 2012 © Ian Hylands/Red Bull Content Pool
By Mike Berard

Cam McCaul:
At Rampage, you need to have an ambitious plan, then spend the entire week doing whatever it takes to make it happen. When the starter calls your name on the radio followed by "dropping in 3,2,1…” your only thought is stomping your line and hopefully adding in the tricks.

If you get to the bottom of the course and everything came together exactly how you'd envisioned all week, it’s a victory. The judges are comparing apples to oranges because everybody rides a different course. Regardless of what number they assign to your run, if you stomped your plan -- you gotta be stoked!

Geoff Gulevich:
Strap down your balls of steel and apply speed, fluidity and control to your run.

Brendan Fairclough:
You make finals by being: lucky, unpredictably calculated, stupid and creative. Plus, you have to hope the judges see all your lines.

Sam Pilgrim:
I certainly couldn't tell you that.

Makken Haugen:
By doing my own thing and keep on going at it.

Garett Buehler:
Stay focused and committed. [Something that is] easier said than done at Rampage.

You really have to go out of your comfort zone.

Brendan Howey:
Any line you ride at Rampage could be something you’re not used to, but you really have to go out of your comfort zone. Riding a line that challenges you but showcases your own style will separate you from other riders.

Nico Vink:
Find a sick line and shred it. Then see where you end up.

Antoine Bizet:
I'll try not to be stressed... and to ride my whole run in training to be sure not to have any surprises.

Yannick Granieri:
Find a good line, have fun and push your limits.

Pierre Eduoard Ferry:
An original and technical line that I can ride fast and smooth.

Kyle Norbraten:
You make finals by challenging yourself with a mix of technical riding, big airs, tricks and originality -- in one fluid run from top to bottom. Sounds simple, but it's pretty dang hard.

Ryan Howard:
To make finals this year you are going to need a very diverse line. Some tech sections, big jumps, drops, carrying speed with style and flow. Judges want to see well-rounded riders riding all sorts of terrain.

Kyle Strait:
You have to read the judges and see what they want. Ride the biggest line with tricks on the obstacles no one does. And ride the line like it’s a ride on a paved sidewalk.

Thomas Vanderham:
There's no formula to making finals, but you have to do a few things for sure: build a good line, survive practice and ride with confidence.

James Doerfling:
Have a clean run and make it to the bottom in one piece.

Tom Van Steenbergen:
I would imagine that it takes a really good and gnarly run to make it into finals. I don't think this contest really allows you to do “chill” runs.

Thomas Genon:
I asked the same question to Bender. He answered simply but true, "Go as big as you can and where nobody goes!"

Mike Kinrade:
Don't bail. Keep it flowing.

Wil White:
You have to have a good line to make finals. No matter how well you ride, if your line isn't great, you're not making it anywhere. Once you have a good line set, you have to combine everything: speed with tricks, big air with flow and fluidity. It's the combination that makes you a finalist.

Watch the world's best riders conquer Red Bull Rampage during the live webcast of finals on October 13, 2013, starting at 1:00 p.m. MT on the Red Bull Rampage site.

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