The Shed: flat pedal shoes

All you need to know about your next pair of flats.
The Shed: flat pedal shoes © Ric McLaughlin
By Ric McLaughlin

Flat pedal shoes are shoes, unsurprisingly, designed to work best with flat pedals. So forget riding in knackered skate shoes or mouldy trainers, here's all you need to know;

1 Rubber sole

A key aspect to any flat-specific shoe is the sole. FiveTen were the first brand to utilise a sticky rubber compound off the back of the Intense shoes pioneered by Chris Kovarik and Jeff Steber. The result is leech-like grip on the pedals and increased control and stability as a result. 

2 Tread carefully

Various brands boast of how sticky their soles are but that means nothing if the tread pattern clogs easily with mud. In drier countries this isn't as much of a problem but if you're a rider who swaps to flats for the onset of winter slop, that contact patch is vital.

3 Size guide

Getting the correct fit is vitally important when it comes to flat pedal shoes as they tend not to come with ratchet-style retention straps or extra Velcro fasteners as favoured by their clipless cousins. Don't simply go for a trainer-like loose fit and lace them up good and tight in the shop.

4 Howlin' dogs

Flat pedal shoes tend to spend a lot of their time emersed in mud and filth and as a result, even with the best intentions, can end up stinking. After a day in the filth, try packing them with old newspaper and then changing it before you head to bed. This soaks up the moisture amazingly whilst Muc Off Foam Fresh will remove the stink.


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