Red Bull Rampage 2013 Day 2: Brendan Howey

Follow young Canadian Brendan Howey as he enters his sophomore year at Red Bull Rampage.
By Derreck Delk

The storyline of day two at Red Bull Rampage 2013: a storm is brewing.

Dark clouds loomed over the venue all day. Anticipating rain, a few riders took advantage of what might be the final uninterrupted day of practice before finals.

Follow second-year Rampage competitor Brendan Howey as he picks up his bike to put the first tire tracks on the route he will take in Friday's qualifying round.

Watch the athletes take their own unique approaches to the mountain in the live webcast of the finals on October 13, 2013, starting at 1:00 p.m. MT on the official Red Bull Rampage site.

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