5 BMX Filming Tips from Markit’s Christian Rigal

Wisdom from the filmer/editor of the much-anticipated and completely awesome Markit Zero DVD.
© Jeremy Pavia/Red Bull
By Jeremy Pavia

San Diego’s Markit BMX crew just dropped one of the best videos of all time (watch the teaser above), and Christian Rigal was the man who put it all together. If you’re an aspiring BMX filmmaker, pay close attention to his top five filming tips below.

1. Location

The angle is key! Look at every possible angle and see what does the trick and spot the most justice. Don't just go for the pretty shot or some crazy rolling line because it looks cool. Any angle can be filmed well, so take your time to find the best-looking one.

2. The Choice: Fish or Long Lens

This is another huge make or break when it comes to really showing what's going on in the clip. If you’re leaning toward filming something long lens, don't be afraid to throw on your fisheye to see what that looks like, and vise-versa. It's always good to check them both if you're unsure. Many clips can be completely ruined because they were filmed fish, but that's rarely the case for long lens. Be careful and fish wisely!

3. Feeler Runs

Ask for as many feeler runs from the rider as you need -- you’re trying to make their riding look as good as possible, so why rush things and start filming after one feeler? Run through the line until you’re confident that you've got it dialed. You don't want to be figuring it out while they’re trying to get the clip.

BMX rider Christian Rigal films for the Markit Zero DVD in San Diego
Christian Rigal films for Markit © Jeremy Pavia/Red Bull

4. Check Lighting and White Balance

The sun and clouds are always moving and every day the lighting scenario is different. In order to properly color correct your footage you really need to stay on top of white balancing every time the lighting changes. Good riding, good filming and good editing need to be accompanied by good-looking footage so don't slip up on such important factors. Make sure you always keep a piece of white paper in your pocket while you're filming.

5. Have Fun

The more fun you have filming the better you'll get! It takes a truly passionate and dedicated filmer to get really good. Without that, you’re just another kid with a camera. Go out with your friends and have a great time; they'll be progressing on their bikes and you'll keep progressing with your filming. Enjoy!

Get your copy of Markit Zero at your local shop or download it from iTunes.

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