10 Reasons Why San Diego is the Best City for BMX

San Diego area native Dennis Enarson breaks down why the city is so awesome for BMX riding.
Dennis Enarson in San Diego © Jeremy Pavia/Red Bull
By Jeremy Pavia

Dennis Enarson (pictured above) was born and raised in the San Diego area and still lives there with no signs of heading out any time soon. And why would he? He has everything he needs all in one small area: constant sun, good food, unlimited spots and more keep Dennis right where he’s at. Check out his top ten reasons why San Diego is one of the go-to destinations for the BMX community.

1. Friends and Family

My parents, brother, and my closest friends live nearby and there's nothing better than being close to your friends and family!

2. My Ramps and the Clairemont Bike Park

These two spots are my getaways. No matter what, if I can get in a couple of hours either at my ramps or at the Clairemont Park it clears my head and makes me feel like 100 bucks!

3. The Weather

You can't beat the weather here. If it rains or the temperature goes below 60 degrees everyone freaks out and complains about the weather. We are pretty lucky to see the sun almost every day of the year.

4. Diversity

There are so many different areas in San Diego and they all have their own unique feel. You can go ten minutes down the freeway and feel like you’re in a totally different city.

There's a friendly vibe all around from the beaches to the ghetto.

5. Location

San Diego is close to everything. There are amazing beaches on the coast, the L.A. area is only a couple hours’ drive and it's a couple hours to go snowboarding. You can also ride moto in the desert an hour away -- oh, and there's also a different world just 20 minutes south.

6. Spots

With Christian Rigal out searchin’ all of the time, and all the spots we already have, there's never a day when we can't think of somewhere fun to ride.

7. Mexican Food

Living so close to Mexico, you can get some of the best Mexican food around.

8. Riders

There are so many people to hit up to go session that you could ride with a different group of riders every day if you wanted.

9. Airport

Our airport just got a facelift and it's my new favorite airport. Terminal 2 is the shit!

10. Friendliness

Everyone seems so happy in San Diego. There's a friendly vibe all around from the beaches to the ghetto. I never feel uncomfortable here.

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