Sombrio bow out

The end of the line for one of freeride's iconic clothing brands.
Sombrio Hanson jersey © Sombrio
By Ric McLaughlin

Despite the relatively small size of the mountain bike industry, some brands slip off the radar and remain unmissed by the collective two-wheeled community long after they're gone, Sombrio will not be one of those brands.

At first a small advert began doing the rounds on various social media sites and then the news was confirmed on the company's website - Sombrio was to be no more and they were selling off their remaining stock in an effort to recoup some losses.

Founded in 1998 in North Vancouver, the brand became synonymous with the North Shore freeride scene with Dave Watson at the helm. They were there throughout the baggy late 90's and early 2000's including the infamous Hanson ice hockey jersey of 2008.

In a statement on the company's website, Watson blamed an ill-advised attempt to branch out via the opening a chain of independent stores which sunk the brand before even opening their doors.

There is still a slither of hope however, he concluded;

"Sombrio’s future will need someone with the resources, expertise and vision to continue bringing Sombrio’s innovative, high performance riding apparel to a huge market looking for an alternative to the status quo. We look forward to finding that white knight, rebuilding our team and making a charge for the peak."

Fifteen years have passed since the founding of the brand and against the shifting economic sands and fashions in mountain biking, Sombrio always continued to represent that core value of being a viable alternative to those who didn't want to wear the same old, slightly tweaked motocross kit. We wish them all the best with finding an investor who can not only save the name but one who can also help them to carry on offering something different.

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